DSB008 Creative Teaching Methods

Fed up with reading comprehension questions? Bored of gap-fill grammar activities? Had enough of vocabulary lists? This two-day seminar, held in English, will offer you alternative methods to the more traditional „frontal“ teaching. It will focus on areas such as: 
– jigsaw reading and the art of prediction in reading skills lessons, 
– dictogloss, self-discovery and communicative practice activities for teaching grammar, 
– games and puzzles for vocabulary building, 
– role-play, simulation and tasks for fluency practice and 
– student-centered error correction in spoken and written English ensuring your students take ownership of their own learning.

Bildungseinrichtung: Berufliche Schulen

Personenkreis: Lehrkräfte

Altersstufe: Sekundar (ab 10 Jahre)

Eigenbetrag Externe: 160,00 €

Eigenbetrag Interne: 0,00 €

Teilnehmende: 10

Dauer: 2 Tage

Sachbearbeitung: Frau Gabriele Worm

Tel.: (089) 233-28196

Fax.: (089) 233-28154

E-Mail: pizkb.b.rbs@muenchen.de

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