DSA435 USA Update 2023 – A House Divided (online)

This class will cover current US politics. As the presidential election year 2024 approaches, where does the United States stand? How of much his domestic agenda has president Joe Biden been able to translate into legislation? How has he handled foreign policy challenges, and has he been able to recover his lost popularity? With the presidential primaries of 2024 coming up, is another candidacy of Donald Trump inevitable or is there a real contest in the Republican party? As usual, satirical videos and political cartoon will provide some comic relief. #Englisch

Bildungseinrichtung: Berufliche Schulen, Gymnasium, Realschule

Personenkreis: Lehrkräfte

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Teilnehmende: 30

Dauer: 2 Tage

Sachbearbeitung: Frau Regina von Natzmer

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DSA435 – USA Update 2023 – A House Divided (online)
12.10.2023 bis 19.10.2023 – Online-Veranstaltung