DSA440 ChatGPT & co in English lessons

In this workshop we’ll be exploring the ways in which Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing language education. From automated feedback, generating questions and images, writing texts and much more, we’ll be looking at how AI is changing the way we teach and learn English. We’ll also be discussing how we can help students to develop key skills, including critical thinking and agency, which are becoming even more important in the age of AI. There will be plenty of opportunities to experiment and be creative. #Englisch #BEST

Bildungseinrichtung: Berufliche Schulen, Gymnasium, Realschule

Personenkreis: Lehrkräfte

Altersstufe: Sekundar (ab 10 Jahre)

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Teilnehmende: 20

Dauer: 1 Tag

Sachbearbeitung: Frau Regina von Natzmer

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DSA440 – ChatGPT & co in English lessons
07.11.2023, 09:00 bis 16:00 – Pädagogisches Institut-ZKB