DSB010 #Englisch: Creative Teaching Methods – Ideas and Tips for your English Classroom

Fed up with reading comprehension questions? Bored of gap-fill grammar activities? Had enough of vocabulary lists? This two-day seminar, held in English, will offer you alternative methods to the more traditional „frontal“ teaching. We will focus on ideas for teaching the four skills as well as language-focused activities to develop your students’ grammar and vocabulary, encouraging students to take ownership of their own learning and at the same time making the learning process more enjoyable for both the learner and the teacher. By putting yourself in the position of the students not only will you be introduced to new activities but will also have the chance to try them out.

Bildungseinrichtung: Berufliche Schulen, Gymnasium, Realschule

Personenkreis: Lehrkräfte

Altersstufe: Sekundar (ab 10 Jahre)

Eigenbetrag Externe: 160,00 €

Eigenbetrag Interne: 0,00 €

Teilnehmende: 10

Dauer: 2 Tage

Sachbearbeitung: Frau Gabriele Worm

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Fax.: (089) 233-28154

E-Mail: pizkb.b.rbs@muenchen.de

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